titan timProject Name: TiTAN TiM

GMG Code: GMG1125.005tt

Status: Option Available

Overview: Timothy Titan is an average 15 year-old who has to deal with school work, bullies, a part time job and problems at home. It is after sneaking out because of a fight that he happens to stumble upon the Uaihm (gaelic for cave), and within, he discovers the Gauntlet of Nadur. Once the gauntlet is strapped on, it allows Tim to call upon and change into four (there is rumors of a fifth) elemental warriors … Pyrus, Crag, Barrage and Tyde.

With the help from Annu and his best friend, Reggie Ravensong, TiTAN TiM will rise up and defend Summit City against Professor Edmund Enviro and his RuiNATION.

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