ricky rocketProject Name: Ricky Rocket and the Rocket Rangers

GMG Code: GMG1125.003rr

Status: Option Taken – Global Genesis Group

Overview: Fresh out of the Galactic Academy of Protection Services (G.A.P.S), Ricky “Rocket” O’Reilly wants to make a name for himself, to bad for him and all around, he isn’t the brightest bulb in the lamp.

Bumbling, blasting and botching up his first assignment so bad, but still managing to capture the SpaceFather, Chief William “The Viking” Wanstrom is forced to promote the fool, just so he can send him far across the galaxy … He can’t cause any problems out there … Right!?! It seems Ricky and his Rocket Rangers are destined to become the greatest hope for the universe … HELP!!!

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