“What does COURAGE mean to you?”

The once peaceful lands of Wu Kung have fallen into the iron-grip of Overlord Shujin and his TUSK Clan, a ruthless force determined to fulfill the Prophecy of the Qi, and see the Nightmare Queen (Shadow Queen) Pandara released from her prison in the Nightmare Realm.

If left unchallenged, Overlord Shujin will turn the lands of Wu Kung into a living nightmare, and reshape them as he sees fit… but all is not lost.

A reluctant hero rises, the new Panda Khan and a ragtag band of rebels are the last hope for Wu Kung… the only problem… they are a group of unfocused teenagers.

Will they be strong enough to stop Overlord Shujin? Will they come together in time and unlock the Qi within, and find the COURAGE to UNLEASH The PANDAmonium?

Only time and destiny can tell!